Diaphragm Valves - V10 Series

Two-way/three-way valves
Diaphragm valve is a special form of shut-off valve, its opening and closing member is a piece of diaphragm made of rubber material, which separates the inner cavity of the valve body from the driving part, so it is called diaphragm valve. The high quality diaphragm ensures that the diaphragm valve produced has the most reliable performance.

Widely used

1)Applied to water quality, atmosphere, exhaust gas and other environmental analysis and testing instruments.
2)Applied to pharmaceutical water, chemical agents, petrochemical and other analytical instruments.
3)Applied to biochemical instrument, hemocytometer, plate washer, hemodialysis instrument and other testing medical analysis instruments.

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Diaphragm Valves - V10 SeriesTwo-way/three-way valves

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