Pinch Valves - V30 Series

Single Passage
The solenoid pinch valve is driven by a solenoid solenoid, which controls the switching by squeezing or releasing the hose. The ability of the pinch valve to work continuously at full load for long periods of time without any damage means that the pinch valve is more economical than other types of solenoid valves.

Widely used

1) Applications in medical devices, exhaust gas testing and water quality analysis devices.

2) Applied to a number of analytical devices in bioengineering, life science and other fields.

3)Applied to sterilized and sterile occasions, especially biochemical analysis and food industry.

(4) applied to the media through the impurities or particles containing the discharge of waste.

(5) applied to the need to avoid cross-contamination between media and other applications.

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Pinch Valves - V30 SeriesSingle Passage

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