Corrosion resistant miniature diaphragm pumps - P1

Single Stage Pumps
Diaphragm pump series is a new product independently developed by Haineng Fluid, which is designed according to the principle of volumetric pump. It is driven by an electric motor linkage to do up and down reciprocating motion, driving the diaphragm to do the opening and closing action, so that the volume of the diaphragm cavity changes, so that the medium pressure changes, to achieve suction and discharge.

Widely used

1)Applied to medical devices, exhaust gas testing and water quality analysis devices.

2)Applied to a number of biological engineering, life science and other fields of analysis equipment.

3)Applied to sterilized and aseptic occasions, especially biochemical analysis and food industry.

4) Application in airbrush printing, process industry, food industry.
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Corrosion resistant miniature diaphragm pumps - P1Single Stage Pumps

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