Corrosion resistant vacuum diaphragm pumps - P20 s

Two-stage pumps
Rotary evaporator, multi-sample evaporator, centrifugal concentrator, chemical reactor has been widely used in chemical and biological laboratories, due to the diaphragm pump technology and price, the water circulation vacuum pump has become the first choice for use with rotary evaporator, but in the experiment people found that the water circulation vacuum pump has poor corrosion resistance to organic solvents, low vacuum, slow distillation speed, the need for frequent water cooling, reverse suction and other problems. Our Haineng fluid corrosion resistant diaphragm vacuum pump can completely solve these problems.

Widely used

1) solid phase extraction; 2) vacuum filtration; 3) reduced pressure distillation; 4) rotary evaporation; 5) vacuum drying; 6) vacuum concentration; 7) complete replacement of water circulation pump, suitable for chemical, pharmaceutical, petrochemical and other industries for the treatment of corrosive gases.
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Corrosion resistant vacuum diaphragm pumps - P20 sTwo-stage pumps

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